Burbach creates value for brands, connecting them at consumer touch-points with global and regional audiences by being true to their community's values and principles.



The consumer landscape is fast-paced, dynamic, and with a more diverse demographic than ever before. Inclusive messaging for communities who share the same values and ideas as the brands have replaced persuasive marketing. The first step is understanding your brand and your community. From there, we work together creating value for your audience. Because community values differ, no two projects are the same. But we do approach each opportunity with the same continuous cycle of observation, planning, action, and assessment.



Two decades of it. Across multiple brands, both big and small. Regionally and globally. Almost 10 years of retail brand experience, global marketing alignment, and go to market strategies. Twenty years of climbing and outdoor industry experience as an athlete, educator, community member and content creator. Climbing trend visionary, having written the first instructional publication on gym climbing and founding editor of Urban Climber Magazine.